Botanicare Fulvex Organic Root Drench Foliar Feed 1 Qt.

Fulvex 1qt
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  • Brand Name: Botanicare
  • Sub Brand: Fulvex
  • Organic: Yes
  • Product Type: Root Drench Foliar Feed
  • Container Size: 1 qt.
  • OMRI Listed for use in organic crop production
  • Natural Chelator - Attracts holds and carries nutrients to plants metabolic sites
  • Mixes with all fertilizers - Reacts with both organic and inorganic compounds at high or low pH levels
  • Increases seedling success rates - Decreases seed germination time initiates root hair growth and promotes root development
  • Releases minerals - Solubilizes substantial amounts of immobile minerals and can enter into complex bonds with various dissolved minerals
  • Promotes higher crop yields - Increased absorption of minerals increases overall growth rates improves shoot and flower set development and strengthens stem and crop cell walls
  • Corrects deficiencies - Allows minerals to be easily absorbed into plants vascular system to quickly correct localized deficiencies
  • Protects plants from stresses - Aids in the relief of oxygen deficiencies increasing the resistance to drought and other environmental stresses
  • Reduces wilting - Helps plants accumulate soluble sugar which increases osmotic pressure in the cell walls and enables them to


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